Pat Jones Photography: Blog en-us Pat Jones Photography [email protected] (Pat Jones Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:28:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:28:00 GMT Pat Jones Photography: Blog 120 80 Great Experience in customer service With Paul C Buff and Alien Bees I have used lots of different types of equipment in my pursuits over the years and I have never been as well taken care of. 

This story starts out with what every photographer fears Dropped damaged or destroyed equipment. I recently had an Alien Bees AB1600 mono block flash fall and break. The hole where the cord attaches broke out so being resourceful and semi mechanical I decided to fix it. I managed to attach a new receiver for the cord by drilling holes in the light housing and adapting one from an old power backup I had laying around. Trying to put it back together I broke the power slide control. Of course I did DIY repair rarely turns out well! 

 I surrendered and obtained a repair return from the Paul C Buff company who manufactures the Alien Bees lights. I expected a hefty repair bill this is not a cheap piece of equipment and photographers are easy targets since the market is small the margins have to be good to stay afloat I am sure. 

I was in shock when the repair rep called and informed me the repair would be 40.00 and that included return shipping. I thought what a great policy and was happy as could be. It gets even better when UPS delivered the repaired flash I took it out of the box expecting to see the same old beat up light I had grown to love. They not only repaired the damage and the part I broke trying to fix it the put all of my parts into a brand new housing with an improved light stand connector. I could not have been happier. 

The unit worked great for a week or so and then the power started dropping off half way through the session and just continued to get worse. 

I decided to return the unit for more repair and expected to pay for repair again as it had been a month or so. I got the unit back this morning with a packing slip that said no charge repair warranty for repair whatever date it was there before. I love these guys no charge for the repair no charge for return shipping. 

It is rare that a company takes such good care of customers even with expensive items I have never had such a positive experience 

with a product or such prompt no hassle get the customer taken care of policy. 

I just wanted to publicly thank the Paul C Buff company and in the future I will be upgrading to the  Einstein line of flashes made by this wonderful company. 



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Local Publication featuring work by Pat Jones Photography and model Keke Noir Just got a copy of the local art magazine Bohemia couple of great pictures in there of Keke that fit well with the story they used them for. Always nice to see your work in print.

Check out this months issue of the local art magazine Bohemia for pictures of Keke Noir taken by me of course!! Very cool take a look


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Fine art and Glamour Photography Workshop I will be offering a workshop here in studio at Waco Texas  Saturday March 24th at three pm.

Space is limited to five photographers and we will be shooting in shifts on two sets. One fine art nude and one glamour nude.

This workshop is the first of a series so stay tuned for the next event and date. Each set up will include a few minutes of lighting set up and instruction followed by some time to photograph our beautiful model.

Price for the workshop is 100.00 and must be paid in advance. Due to the size of the workshop there is no full refund for cancellation within 48 hrs. 50 percent refund with notice before 48 hrs.

Contact me at [email protected]


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Squirrel Rehabilitation in Central Texas I have spent a loot of time in the last year or so learning as much as I could about squirrels and how to care for and rear and release them. I have had several wonderful experiances with squirrels and one or two tragic ones.

I am allways available to help with a squirrel if you find one or even care for it until we can find a licensed rehabber to take over if need be.

Here are some basic instrucions for you if you just found a baby squirrel.

These will help you keep the baby alive until someone can take over for you.

I can always be contacted Two Five Four Seven Two Two Seven Four Nine Seven.

or email at [email protected]

If you would like to see some of the squirrels I have cared for check the photo sets section of this web site. Pixel Jones Baby Fox squirrel Waco TX

Emergency Care for Baby Squirrels

Don’t try to feed the squirrel.
Don’t handle him more than you have to.
No loud voices, TV, music, or bright lights.
No children or pets in the same room!

1. Warm the Baby (never feed a cold squirrel!)
Quick Methods:
-Cup the baby in your hands or under your shirt next to your skin.
-Fill a plastic bottle with very warm water. Wrap in a cloth, place next to baby, and cover him. Reheat every 2 hours.
-“Rice Buddy”: Fill a sock with 1 cup of rice or dried beans and microwave for 30 seconds. Place next to baby and cover him. Reheat every 2 hours.

2. [b] Find a Box or Container[b]
A shoebox will do for small babies. A baby that can walk will need a larger box with a lid (with holes). Put a clean baby blanket, flannel shirt, or piece of fleece in the bottom of the box. No towels or terrycloth. Squirrels can get tangled in the loops. Place baby on the material and cover him with one flap. If you have a heating pad, turn it on low and place it under half of the box (not IN the box!) so baby can move away if he gets too warm. You can use the plastic bottle or rice buddy described above, but these are only temporary methods until you get a heating pad, since they must be reheated every 2 hours and won't keep baby warm all night.
NOTE: Monitor his temperature so he doesn’t chill or overheat. His feet should feel warm to the touch.

Note: If the baby is injured, is having trouble breathing, has fly eggs on his fur, or is very skinny or dehydrated, he needs emergency care by an experienced rehabber or vet.

3. Rehydrate the Baby

Most babies are dehydrated when you find them and must be rehydrated before you can feed them. Never feed formula or food of any kind to a dehydrated baby!

How to Check for Dehydration
Pinch the skin on the back of his neck. If it doesn’t spring back immediately, the baby is dehydrated. If the pinched skin stays up like a tent for more than a second, the baby is badly dehydrated. Other signs of dehydration: pale grayish gums, dry mouth, sunken eyes, whites around eyes showing, rough spiky fur, dry scaly skin.
NOTE: If baby is badly dehydrated, he will need subcutaneous fluids, which can only be given by a rehabber or vet.

[b] Supplies You Will Need: [b]
--Pedialyte (any flavor)*
--Plastic syringes (1 cc size; no needles. Ask the pharmacist to get these for you) An eyedropper can also work.
These are available at most drugstores.

*If you can’t find Pedialyte at the store, here is a recipe for homemade Pedialyte:

1 tsp salt (teaspoon)
3 Tbsp sugar (tablespoon)
1 quart warm water
Mix all ingredients in warm water. Store in refrigerator.

How to Prepare the Pedialyte
Use a plastic syringe (with or without a nipple). Never use pet nursers or doll bottles. They will choke the baby. Fill a coffee mug with hot water. Fill the syringe with Pedialyte and place it in the mug for a couple of minutes. Squirt a drop on the inside of your wrist to make sure the liquid isn’t too hot. It should feel barely warm on your skin.

Proper Position
A tiny baby should be held upright in your hand. A baby with fur can lie on a flat surface on his stomach. A baby that can walk can be held upright or he can drink sitting up. Hold the syringe so the tip points UP to the baby’s mouth and the handle is down. Don’t let the baby get cold. Keep him wrapped up while he eats.

How to Feed Fluids
Place the syringe tip on the baby’s lips (from the side) and squeeze out one drop for him to taste. Don’t squirt a steady stream. Let him swallow one drop before squeezing more. GO SLOW! It sometimes takes a feeding or two for them to catch on. Hairless babies are fed drop by drop. With older babies (once they catch on) you can squeeze slowly for one second, wait for him to swallow, then squeeze more.

If fluids dribble out his mouth or come out his nose, you are going too fast. Stop and tilt the baby’s head down so the fluid drains out (support his head and neck like you would a human baby). Then wipe his nose and mouth with toilet paper. Start over, slower. NOTE: There is now a chance your baby will develop aspiration pneumonia from inhaling fluid in his lungs. This is fatal. Please contact a rehabber or vet, or the people at The Squirrel Board, for assistance.


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